Host and Hostess Top Ten List

  1. Let the caterer and DJ know if the wedding is not on schedule
  2. Light the candles
  3. Put out any snacks or non-catered Hors d’oeuvres
  4. Get cake cutters organized and make sure the have all utensils needed
  5. Be the liaison between caterers and parents of the bride and groom
  6. Check with caterer on timing to serve the head table
  7. Catering personnel will place food on plates to be served to the head table.  It is appreciated if the host and hostess can help serve to reduce the amount of time it takes to serve the head table.
  8. Release serving tables starting with family tables.  No more then 10-15 people need to be in line at a time.
  9. Sandwiches may be made with leftovers.  Host and hostess can put them out later on in the evening.
  10.  Gifts should be transported to someones vehicle prior to the dance for safe keeping
  11.  Relax and have fun!